Pricing Details

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Below are the itemized fees for all of the services we offer. This is a comprehensive list of our pricing and fee structure and is the same information we use to determine quotes for custom orders. We provide this because we pride ourselves on transparency.

Last updated: 2018-07-05

Amazon FBA Prep - Basic Services

Our simple FBA Prep pricing is geared for pure-play Amazon FBA sellers.

Our Basic Services include all of the following if/when necessary: Receiving of Merchandise, Inspection (for quality control and accuracy), Polybagging, FNSKU labels, "Do Not Separate" labels, Suffocation Warning labels, Shipping Labels, Expiration Date labels, Repackaging, Dunnage, and a Picture Diary of the whole process.

Please contact us to learn how you can qualify for this pricing.

Standard Sized Item $1.25 Items that are 20 lbs. or less and 18" or less on its longest side. Our simple pricing includes all the Basic Services mentioned above.
Multi-Pack or Bundles $1.75 2 or more same items as one unit (multi-pack) or 2 or more different items as one unit (bundle). There is a .10 USD cost for each additional item. Our simple pricing includes all the Basic Services mentioned above.
Oversized Item $1.75 Items that are 21 lbs. or more or more than 18" on its longest side. Our simple pricing includes all the Basic Services mentioned above.
Small/Medium Box $2.00

These fees are added based on necessity and are not included in the Basic Service Fee.

Pricing and Availability

Exact availability and pricing varies by market demand. The prices shown here are a guideline. For real-time information about box and packing material pricing and availability please click here.

Definitions of Box Sizes

Click here to download a simple handout detailing box sizes and pricing information.

Standard Box $2.50
Oversized Box $3.50
Bubble Wrap $0.50

B2B and Custom Services

This table is used to determine base pricing for business arrangements and partnerships, customized services, and special requests.

We pride ourselves on transparency, so we provide a comprehensive and detailed pricing schedule to help you understand the cost of any service you require.


Choose from the services you need.

Labeling / Stickers $0.20 per sticker per item Bulk discounts available.
Repackaging $0.80 per unit

Repackage an item according to customer instructions.

This may include replacing generic cartons with branded ones, adding additional packing materials, or replacing damaged cartons. Materials cost is an additional fee and fluctuates with the market.

Bundle, Kit, Insert, or Combine $0.50 1st component

Price is per-unit. This includes any kind of inserts, bundling, kitting, etc.

Example: A customer wants a warranty card (1st component) and a new manual (2nd component) inserted into a product. The charge for this is $0.70 per unit ($0.50 for first component and $0.20 for the 2nd component).

$0.20 each additional
Take Pictures $3.00 per set; pre-arranged

Price is per-set of pictures, defined as 4 pictures of a given subject.

The pre-arranged price is available when an agreement on when and how pictures should be taken is in place with the customer. The on-demand price is applied when picture sets ar requested for items already in storage when no pre-arranged agreement exists.

Pictures are taken with a high-quality document camera and are suitable for shipping damage claims, proof-of-condition, etc.

$5.00 per set; on-demand
Inspections See returns processing

We can provide any level of product inspection you require, from simply verifying package contents to fully testing and grading condition of received merchandise.

Refurbishmment / Recondition See returns processing
Special Project Labor - Warehouse $60/hour per worker

This labor rate is applied for work or special requests not covered by our standard services.

Special Project Labor - Technical $120/hour per technician

Our professional, certified technicians have a wide range of skills, including electrical and mechanical repairs and inspections.

This charge is applied for any special requests not covered by our standard service offerings.

Product Repairs $25/estimate

Our technicians can perform repairs on a wide range of items. A repair estimate includes a detailed analysis of the problem and what will be required to effect the repairs.


Applies to shipments received.

Receiving – Bulk Checkin $1.00 per SKU

These receiving charges apply to bulk items received that do not require individualized services.

For example, this applies to any merchandise received for fulfillment, prep, warehousing, etc.

If items require individual attention, such as inspecting/grading each item, recording serial numbers, etc. the individualized receiving price applies instead.

$0.10 per unit (item)
$0.60 per carton
Receiving – Individualized Items $0.60 per item This charge is for items that require individual services
Receiving – Forwarding $0.60 per carton under 50lbs

Receive a delivery, send arrival condition pictures and receipt confirmation.

Packages are stored and later shipped out at your request.

$1.00 per carton over 50lbs

Receiving Surcharges

These additional fees may apply based on certain situations encountered while receiving your merchandise.

Team Lift – Bulk Receiving $2.00

Surcharge for any items weighing more than 40lbs or which cannot be safely handled by one person.

The charge is higher for individualized items because these items are often handled more times before service is completed.

Team Lift – Individualized Items $5.00
Arrival Pictures Free

We provide free pictures of each package received, which includes:

  • Outer picture of package showing any damage.
  • Package of the shipping label.
  • Picture of the contents (not individual items; just what the box looked like when we opened it)
  • Picture of any packing slips or documents inside the package.
Sorting / Abnormal Receiving $60/hr per worker

This fee is applied for deliveries which cannot be readily identified for some reason and the customer requires our staff to sort or identify the items.

Situations where this may apply:

  • Mislabeled merchandise
  • Visually similar items packed into the same carton without clear labeling
  • Merchandise is packaged in an unusual manner which requires additional labor to process. Examples may include broken pallets, boxes packed with sealing foam or excessive tape, etc.

Freight Charges

These additional charges apply to all freight received or shipped from our facility

Pallet - Ship or Receive $10.00 per pallet Surcharge applied to all pallets.
Shipping Container - Ship or Receive Billed by hour; typically $350 - $600 total

A full 20ft container typically takes around an hour, while a full 40ft container takes about 2 hours.

Prices will be lower the easier the container is to unload.

Shipping and Fulfillment Fees

These fees apply to all outbound shipments from our facility.

Pick/Pack $2.00 per carton

$2.00 per carton for all packages shipped from our facility, except for Bulk Forward

This is a flat-rate fee per-package-shipped, regardless of the number of items in the package.

Required packing supplies are billed separately.

Bulk B2C Forwarding $1.00 / package

Open a package received for forwarding, inspect, and ship each of the contents.

This pricing assumes the package contains several smaller packages which each have their own shipping label attached.

Packages are inspected to ensure they can be shipped. Packages which have been torn open or damaged can be repacked, held, or processed by some combination of our other services with a pre-arranged agreement.

Shipping Provided by customer

Postage and freight must be provided by the customer.

We do offer discounted USPS, FedEx, and UPS shipping through our website.

Packing & Packing Materials

Prices for packing materials fluctuate with the market. Our pricing is updated here in real-time.

Dimensions are in inches and pounds. This list updates in realtime based on the materials we have in stock. If materials you need are not listed here you should contact us about your requirements as far in advance as possible.
Packing SupplyDimensionsWeightBase Price
12 x 12 x 1212" x 12" x 12"11.15
12 x 12 x 812" x 12" x 8"11.15
12 x 15.5\" Self-Seal Polyethylene Mailer, White12" x 15" x 1"0.10.50
12 x 8 x 4n/a1.00
24 x 18 x 1424" x 18" x 14"22.25
24 x 18 x 1824" x 18" x 18"2.62.75
24 x 18 x 624" x 18" x 6"1.52.25
Box 40x20x20n/a09.50
Box, 28x12x628" x 12" x 6"1.12.00
Box, 40x30x30n/a011.00
Bubble mailer, 6x97.5" x 5" x 1"0.10.50
Bubble Mailer, flat rate7.5" x 5.5" x 2"0.10.20
Bubble Mailer, Large Poly18" x 13" x 3"0.11.25
Bubble Mailer, Small Poly8" x 5.5" x 4"0.10.50
Hand Wrap Stretch Filmn/a0.63
Matt Boxesn/a0.00
Oversized Box40" x 8" x 8"1.23.00
Oversized Box4" x 4" x 90"1.85.50
Oversized Box40" x 12" x 12"22.50
Oversized Boxn/a04.00
Pallet Medium Ratchet Strapn/a10.00
Poly Bagn/a0.00
Poly Bagn/a0.00
Poly Mailer, Largen/a0.50
Poly Mailer, Smalln/a0.15
Poly Mailer, Smalln/a0.25
Polybag, largen/a0.35
Polybag, mediumn/a00.20
Polybag, mediumn/a0.20
Polybag, mediumn/a0.20
Polybag, smalln/a00.20
Recycled Box22" x 20" x 19"0.00
Small Box10" x 4" x 4"0.21.00
Small Box4" x 4" x 4"0.12.00
Small Box (USPS Flat Rate)12" x 12" x 5.5"0.60.50
Standard Size Boxn/a2.50
Standard Size Box20" x 16" x 6"1.22.00
Standard Size Box18" x 12" x 6"11.00
Standard Size Box24" x 24" x 24"4.13.50

Warehousing & Storage

Storage per cubic ft varies

Billed on the first of each month. Prices are based on negotiation with each customer. For a quote please complete a space allocation request.

Disposal fees


plus any inspection or other fees already accrued

Disposal is free for small quantities of non-hazardous waste which can be disposed of with the rest of our normal trash.

Disposal fees apply for excessive disposal and hazardous materials, such as lithium batteries, printer ink, etc.

Returns Processing and Handling

Pricing for our returns processing and handling services are based on product category and the kinds of services you need. Our B2B services prices also apply to returned merchandise processed by Marksman RSC where applicable.

We offer two plans for return processing services. The Basic Plan has no monthly fee and no minimum orders, and is great for smaller online businesses with low return volumes.

Our Business Plan is geared for larger online businesses, especially those who sell unique products or private label items. Our Business Plan requires a monthly minimum-expenditure of $299 USD, which can be spread across any of the services we offer. Business Plan customers who use less than $299 USD of our services in a month will be billed the difference.

Return Service Basic Plan

No minimum orders

No contract required

Business Plan

$299 USD monthly minimum expenditure

Contract required

Receive, inspect, test returns

  • Inspect
  • Test functionality
  • Reset to factory defaults where applicable
  • Clean dust, fingerprints, smudges
  • Grade Condition (New, Used - Like New, Defective, etc).

Existing service categories only

$10 minimum charge for items not in existing category.

Free sample order up to $100 in value for new customers.

%30 discount on existing service categories

New product category (12 month contract required + estimated build-out costs and 5 sample units)

Customized process for existing category (Sample unit required)

Receive Only: Custom Process

Receive your returns as individualized items and process them using some combination of our B2B services without a prior arrangement. Our normal inspection and testing processes are not performed.

Examples uses of this service include:

  • Correcting labels or stickers on returned products
  • Recording serial numbers only
  • Taking photos only
Not available $1 USD per item + plus any services required.


Repair damaged or defective returns for maximum ROI.

We will perform an in-depth assessment of the problem with your item(s) and provide you with the estimated parts and labor required to correct the problem. If you accept the estimate we perform the work and apply the estimate towards the fees for the repair.

$25 estimate per case

No estimate required for pre-arranged repair conditions

$10 estimate per case

No estimate required for pre-arranged repair conditions

Pre-Arranged Repairs

You can provide us with a repair budget per-item for the products you sell. If we find a problem negatively effecting resale value we will automatically correct the problem if the repair cost will fall within the budget you've provided us.

Not available

Available after a brief consultation to learn and understand your requirements.

A product sample may be required.

OEM Component Replacement

Warehouse replacement parts and components with us which we can use to get the best ROI out of your returns. This may include power cords, extra manuals, branded packing materials, etc.

When we determine your items have missing or damaged components we will replace them using your inventory.

Billing is per-item, and follows the same structure as our bundling & inserts service. The fee is $0.50 for the first component replaced and $0.20 for each additional.

Additional labor charges may apply when a product must be disassembled in order to replace components. Any additional labor costs will be communicated to you during the component registration process.

Requires component registration

$10 per item/component combination registered.

Requires component registration

First 30 component registrations free.

Each additional is $5 per item/component combination registered.

Returns Handling Product Categories

Our fees for inspecting, testing, and grading returned merchandise are based on the category the product falls within. Our category prices are based on the labor and equipment required to service items in each category.

Items determined to be in unsellable condition are assessed an inspection fee equal to 20% of the service price or $2.00, whichever is greater.

CategoryBasic Plan PriceBusiness Plan PriceFrequently Serviced BrandsNotes
3D Glass (Rechargeable)7.004.90Beats, GoPro, LG, Logitech, Nexus, Samsung, WowWee
3D Printer25.0017.50Creality 3D, Geeetech
3D Printing - Pens10.007.003Doodler
3D Scanner12.008.403D Systems
Action Camera Kits20.0014.00Monoprice, TomTom
Air Purifier25.0017.50Austin Air, IQAir, Rainbow/Rexair
All-in-one Printer15.0010.50Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark
Assembly Furniture- Mid Size10.007.00Arozzi, The Original Toy Company, YAMAHA
Assembly Furnitures--Small7.004.90IsoAcoustics
Audio Amp7.004.90Alpine, Behringer, Bellari, Creek Audio, Crown, Peavey, rolls
Audio Interface12.008.40Arturia, Audient, Behringer
AV Receiver20.0014.00Harman Kardon, Marantz, Musical Fidelity, Onkyo, PIONEER, Pioneer, Pyle, Rane, Signstek, Sony, Yamaha Audio
Baby Monitor10.007.00Babymoov, D-Link, Foscam, Infant Optics, Levana, Lorex, Motorola, Snuza, Summer Infant
Bagged Vacuum25.0017.50Hoover, Hoover Commercial, ProTeam
Bagless Vacuum35.0024.50Dyson, Electrolux, Hoover, Rainbow, Sebo, Stanley, ZVac
Battery - External0.000.00mophie
Battery Case for phone5.003.50Anker, Honeywell, Incipio, Phone Charger Case, PowerBear, mophie
Bed Warmer7.004.90Med-Choice
Benchtop Centrifuge10.007.00HWLAB, HWLAB®
Bike helmet2.001.40Giro, Lazer Helmets
Bike helmets2.001.40
Bluetooth Toy5.003.50SilverLit
Book - Paperback0.000.00Brand: Harvard University Press, MCGRAW HILL, Paul Eschholz Alfred RosaPaperback book.
Books - Hardback0.000.00Brand: Book Club Associates, HMH Books, LB KidsHardback book.
Boots2.001.40Grinders, NEWROCK New Rock, New Rock, RONGEE RONGEE, Rongee Rongee, Trina Turk, gatsbylady london
Bottle Dispenser4.002.80JoanLab
Buckwheat - Yoga Pillow0.000.00Seat Of Your SoulA Yoga Pillow :P
Bullet Camera7.004.90Foscam, RMM, Swann, TRENDnet
Bullet Camera+DVR15.0010.50LINEAR
Camcorder15.0010.50Falcon Zero, Panasonic, iON Camera
Camera Lense7.004.90Canon, Nikon, Rokinon, Sony, Tamron
Car Accessory10.007.00BOSS Audio Systems, Beltronics, Blackvue, Cobra, Elektroplate, Falcon Zero, Garmin, OJOCAM, Okra, Rhino Rack, TomTom, Unknown
Car Video System20.0014.00Cobra, Pyle
Cassette Recorder10.007.00PanasonicRecorders which use magnetic tape.
CD Player/Changer10.007.00Bose, RCA, SANYO, Sony
Charger & Adapter5.003.50Anker, Apple, Dell, GPCT, HP, Insignia, Microsoft, PDP, Radio Shack, RadioShack, Samsung, TEKSTAR, V.J Time, VXi, YCCTEAM, ZyXEL, mophie, pipoyoyo
Chimney Fan7.004.90Fristaden & Company, Tjernlund
Clarinet5.003.50YAMAHA, Yamaha
Clothing - Danish Patel4.002.80Alfred Dunner, Bar III, BlingSoul, Blingsoul, Decrum, Karen Scott, Maison Jules, Qshare, SLPR, Style & Co., Styleco, Thalia, Unknown, fjackets, jaaldClothing for this customer follows special rules.
Clothing - Multipiece3.002.10Clothing which comes with more than one part as an outfit. For example, a jacket which comes with a shirt, or a dress that comes with a tiara.
Clothing - Uncategorized0.000.00
Coffee Machine25.0017.50Breville, Cuisinart, DeLonghi, Keurig, Mr. Coffee, OXO
Computer Microphone7.004.90AKG Pro Audio, Blue, Vec Micropohnes, ZaxSound
Counter-Lab Use5.003.50Fristaden Lab
CPU4.002.80AMD, IntelComputer CPU / processor chip. We cannot test these for functionality. Inspection includes checking for obvious damage such as bent pins, scratches, CPU paste residue, etc.
Date Logger--Temp12.008.40Fristaden Lab
Desktop PC - Mini Tower15.0010.50ASUS, Acer, Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, ZOTACMiniature desktop computers and \\\"stick\\\" computers such as the Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300.
Desktop PC - Tower25.0017.50ASUS, AVATAR, Acer, Alienware, Apple, Asus, Bokai Nobby, CyberpowerPC, DEEPCOOL, Dell, Dellios, Gateway, Gigabyte, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE, HP, Hpe, InWin, Intel, Lenovo, ZOTAC, iBUYPOWERDesktop computer which connects to an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
Digital Alarm12.008.40
Digital Camera15.0010.50Activeon, Brinno, Canon, Essential Products , Ivation, Lytro, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, VTech, Vivitar
Digital Display7.004.90Braun, Display Werks, Fristaden Lab, HP, Koolertron, La Crosse Technology, PHILIPS
Digital Iron10.007.00BLACK+DECKER, Rowenta
Digital Pen7.004.90NeoLab Convergence
Digital Scales--Lab7.004.90Fristaden Lab, JoanLab
Digital Wristband10.007.00Armitron, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Life Trak, Magellan, Nike, Polar, SUUNTO, Samsung, Sokos, Timex, Under Armour
Disc Publisher20.0014.00Primera Technology
Display Calibration10.007.00X-Rite
DJ Equipment15.0010.50Pioneer DJ
Docking Station10.007.00Dell, HP, Kensington, Lenovo, Lenovo USA, MicrosoftDocking stations for laptops, tablets, and other equipment.
Document Scanner10.007.00DYMO, Fujitsu, Xerox
Dog Harness3.002.10My Pets America
Door Bell5.003.50SadoTech
Door Deadbolt7.004.90Kwikset, SCHLAGE
Drone w/o camera10.007.00Blade, CHEERSON, Tarot
Drone with camera12.008.403DRobotics, Air Hogs, Amor Pitt shop, DJI, Extreme Fliers, JJRC, Parrot, Syma
Drum Machine15.0010.50ArturiaElectronic drum machines
Drum Set Accessory5.003.50Ahead, Percussion Pluss
DVD Drive7.004.90ASUS, HP, LG, Lenovo
Earphone7.004.90Audio Technica (audio-technica), Bowers & Wilkins, Bragi, JBL, JLAB, Jabra, Jaybird, Klipsch, LG, Langsdom, Motorola, NAD Electronics, Phonak, Razer, Sennheiser, Shure
Electric Blade Grinder10.007.00KitchenAid
Electric Guitar15.0010.50B.C. Rich, EVH, Fender, Gretsch Guitars, Jackson, Kala, LUNA, Loog Guitars, Ovation, Peavey, Yamaha
Electric Massager5.003.50
Electric Stapler5.003.50Bostitch Office
Electronic Drum7.004.90Aerodrums, Sourcingbay, YAMAHA
Electronic Drum controller15.0010.50Ddrum
Electronic Keyboard7.004.90Arturia, Logitech G, Nektar
Equalizer & Feedback Controller12.008.40ART, Warm Audio
Expansion Module10.007.00Cisco, Polycom, TRENDnet
External Hard Drive7.004.90 a Western Digital Company, Fantom Drives, G-Technology, HGST, LaCie, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, Transcend, Western Digital
Facial Device10.007.00Kelley West Microderm360
Fax Machine12.008.40Canon, PanasonicBasic fax machine
Film Camera15.0010.50Fujifilm, Polaroid
Fire Pit - Large8.005.60American Fireglass
Fire Pit - Small4.002.80American Fireglass
Fish Finder10.007.00Lowrance
Flash Storage5.003.50Leef, SanDisk, Verbatim
Flood Detector--Wireless7.004.90Everspring
FM Transmitter7.004.90GOgroove
Foot Spa10.007.00
Footswitche10.007.00ART, Moog Music Inc., Peavey
Fuel - Large0.000.00RDS MFG INC
Fuel - Small0.000.00
Game Console20.0014.00Alienware, Bethesda, Hyperkin, Microsoft, NETGEAR, Nintendo, Sony
Gaming Controller7.004.908Bitdo, Fantac, LUXMO LUXURY MOBILE, MEEPHONG , Mad Catz, Microsoft, NACON, Sony
Gateway & Controller10.007.00
Gateway & Controller10.007.00Samsung SmartThings
Gatsbylady London - 7252030.000.00
Golf Swing Analyzer10.007.003Bays
GPS Tracker10.007.00Garmin, Generic, LPVLUX, Trackimo
Graphics Amplifier5.003.50Alienware
Hair Straightener10.007.006th Sense Styling Technology, ISA Professional
Hand Tools - Non functional Inspection0.000.00
Hand Tools - Non functional Inspection Multi-piece0.000.00Lesco
Handheld Vacuum15.0010.50BLACK+DECKER, Dyson
Handheld Wireless Microphone12.008.40Audio-Technica
HDMI Switch - Consumer10.007.00Moshi, StarTech
Headset7.004.90ASUS, Audio-Technica, Beats, Behringer, Corsair, Creative Labs, DH-Klipsch Audio, Denon, Etymotic Research, Focal, Hal Leonard, Harman Kardon, HyperX, JAYS, JBL, Jabra, Kingston, Klipsch, LG, Langsdom, Logitech, Logitech G, Marshall, Microsoft, Mitel Communications, Muse, Ovann, PHILIPS, Panasonic, Pioneer DJ, Plantronics, SOL REPUBLIC, Sennheiser, Shure, Skullcandy, Sony, SteelSeries, Superlux, Turtle Beach, Ultrasone, V-MODA, VXi BlueParrott, Vox, beyerdynamic
Headset - Bluetooth9.006.30Audio-Technica, Beats, Klipsch, LG, Motorola, Motorola Mobile Accessories, Plantronics, Samsung, Sennheiser
Heat Press Machine15.0010.50
Heating Mat - Compact Pro 71"L x 24"W0.000.00MediCrystal
Heating Mat - Far Infrared Heating PEMF Photon Vest0.000.00MediCrystalFar Infrared Heating PEMF Photon Vest - Natural Amethyst - Tourmaline - Jade - FIR Heat - Ion - Red Light 660Nm - 10Hz Bio Magnetic Pulsed Therapy - Jewelry Grade Gems - FDA Registered Manufacturer
Heating Mat - Large Pad 72"L x 24"W0.000.00MediCrystal
Heating Mats - 3-D Mesh, Protection Cover 59\"L x 24”W - 60x150cm5.003.50MediCrystalMediCrystal Protection Cover for Far Infrared Mats - Waterproof Protector - Breathable - Sweat Absorption - Ion and FIR Heat Permeable (3-D Mesh, Cotton, PU Membrane, Air Layer Fabric, 59\\\"L x 24”W)
Heating Mats - Belt0.000.00MediCrystal
Heating Mats - Chair 40\"L x 20\"W0.000.00MediCrystalAbout the product\r\nThe main feature of the MediCrystal Mat 18 layers system is a thick layer with thousands of Untreated, Unpainted, 100% Natural Purple Amethyst crystals. FIR Chair Mat contains 7 pounds of 2-7 mm tumbled, polished gems from Brazil. Whe
Heating Mats - Compact Pro 59"L x 24"W20.0014.00Bio Amethyst
Heating Mats - Controller for MediCrystal8.005.60Bio Amethyst, MediCrystal
Heating Mats - Midsize 59"L x 24"W20.0014.00Bio Amethyst, MediCrystal
Heating Mats - Mini 32"L x 20"W15.0010.50Bio Amethyst, MediCrystal
Heating Mats - Mini Pillow 16\"L x 7.5\"W x 3\"H5.003.50Bio Amethyst, MediCrystal16\\\"L x 7.5\\\"W x 3\\\"H
Heating Mats - Pillows 16”L x 5\"W x 3”H FIRM5.003.50Bio Amethyst, MediCrystal16”L x 5\\\"W x 3”H FIRM
Heating Mats - Pillows 17”L x 5\"W x 3”H HARD5.003.5017”L x 5\\\"W x 3”H HARD
Heating Mats - Pillows 20\"L x 12\"W x 4”H FIRM5.003.5020\\\"L x 12\\\"W x 4”H FIRM
Heating Mats - Pillows 20\"L x 12\"W x 4”H GENTLE5.003.50MediCrystalPillows 20\\\"L x 12\\\"W x 4”H GENTLE
Heating Mats - Pillows 20\"L x 12\"W x 4”H SOFT5.003.5020\\\"L x 12\\\"W x 4”H SOFT
Heating Mats - Professional 71"L x 32"W25.0017.50MediCrystal
Heating Mats - Professional 73"L x 29"W25.0017.50Bio Amethyst
Heating Mats - Queen 75"L x 59"W35.0024.50MediCrystal
Heating Mats - Single 75"L x 39"W30.0021.00Bio Amethyst, MediCrystal
Heating Mats - Standard Pillow 19\"L x 12\"W x 3.5”H5.003.50Bio Amethyst19\\\"L x 12\\\"W x 3.5”H
High End Mic Kit15.0010.50Avantone Pro, MXL MicsHigh end kit with other devices/special software included
High fashion Dress7.004.90Bokai Nobby, Brandslock, gatsbylady london
Home Intercom >1-2 station12.008.40Calford, Generic, Radio Shack, Viking, non-branded
Home Intercom >3-4 stations20.0014.00Generic, non-branded
Hum Eliminator7.004.90rolls
Ice Cream Machine10.007.00Cuisinart
Ice Maker10.007.00Keyton
Impact Wrenche7.004.90Craftsman
Inflatable Ride-Ons5.003.50Marljohns, SoloFleet
Inspection (Multi-Pieces)4.002.80 Iyi Geceler Istanbul, 5 Hour Energy, Ahead, All-Clad, Armstrong Amerika, Axiom, BLACKHAWK AUTO, Classico, Disney Official Merchandise, Dyson, EVH, Ernie Ball, Essina, Fisher-Price, Fristaden Graduation, Fristaden Lab, Fujitsu, Grip Power Pads, HWLAB®, IndianShelf, JoanLab, KitchenAid, Kreg Tool Company, LEGO, LaModaHome, Lucky Bums, LuxFit, Market Lane, Maven Gifts, MoDA, MotoRacer, Paramus, Peerless, Roush, SGI bedding, TAC, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Totally Bamboo, Victoria Classics, Warner Home Video - Games, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels, cotton life, istanbulhomecollection paris series, store_turco
Instrument Microphone10.007.00AKG Pro Audio, Audio-Technica, HEiL sound
Internal Hard Drive10.007.00 a Western Digital Company, HGST, Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital
Internal SSD10.007.00Crucial, DREVO, Intel, Kingston, Mushkin, OCZ STORAGE SOLUTIONS, Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Toshiba OCZ, Transcend, Visipax
IP Camera10.007.00 Inc, Arlo Technologies, Brinno, D-Link, Foscam, Foscam Inc, Hikvision, KJB, LG, Microsoft, Myfox, Schneider Electric IT USA, Inc, Sony, Speco, Vivotek, WeMo
Irrigation Controller7.004.90Rachio
Keyboard7.004.90Belkin, Corsair, Corsair Gaming, DREVO, Dell, GAMDIAS, HUAWEI, KINESIS, Kensington Protective Products, LG, Logitech, Logitech G, Microsoft, Razer, Seasonic, SteelSeries, ZAGG, iwerkz
LAB - Digital Meter 7.004.90Bante Instruments, EHOUSE, Fristaden, Fristaden Lab, HuntGold, JoanLab, kkmoonDigital pH Meter mV Meter
LAB - Digital Meters7.004.90JoanLabDigital pH Meter mV Meter
LAB - Funnel4.002.80JoanLab, Safavieh
LAB - Funnels4.002.80
LAB - Magnetic Stirrer10.007.00BIPEE, FOUR E'S SCIENTIFIC, Fristaden Lab, JoanLab
LAB - Magnetic Stirrers10.007.00
LAB - Overhead Stirrer7.004.90Fristaden Lab
LAB - Overhead Stirrers7.004.90
LAB - Thermostatic Water Bath12.008.40JoanLab
LAB - Thermostatic Water Baths15.0010.50
Label Maker12.008.40 Inc., Brother, DYMO, Epson, Harch, OEM, ZEBRA, Zebra, Zebra Bar Code Printers, Zebra Technologies
Laptop25.0017.50 Microsoft, ACER, ASUS, Acer, AcerTravelMate, Alienware, Aorus, Apple, Aspire, Asus, Asus-17-Laptop, BSSJZP, DE, DELL INC BURST, Dell, Dell Computers, DrinkGood, Envy, Flex, Flip R554 G, G70 35, Gateway, Gigabyte, HP, HP-Consumer Remarketing, HP-Envy-X360-15.6-inch, HP2, HiYo lala, IdeaPad, Inspiron, JOVERS, LG, Lenovo, Lenovo G70, Lenovo TP Yoga-11.6-2940, Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo Yoga, Lenovo-11.6-Intel Celeron N3150, Lenovo-ideapad 11.6, MSI, MerkAmerica, Microsoft, Radius, Razer, Samsung, ScotchBlue, Sony, Thankpad, Thinkpad Yoga, Toshiba, Toshiba-E, Unknown, VIZIO, XOTIC PC, Yoga, acer, dell15, lenovo, lenovoflex3-11inch
Laptop - 2 in 125.0017.50ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, NUVISION, Samsung
Laptop - Battery15.0010.50Lenovo, SANISI
Laptop - Chromebook25.0017.50Acer, HP, Lenovo, SamsungA Chromebook is a laptop running the Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are primarily used to perform a variety of tasks using the Google Chrome browser, with most applications and data residing in the cloud rather than on the mach
Laptop - Convertible25.0017.50ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Lenovo-Yoga-720-i5-8gb-256gb
Laptop - Gaming25.0017.50ASUS, Acer, Dell, EXcaliberPC, Lenovo, MSIA gaming computer is a personal computer designed for playing computationally demanding video games.
Laundry Purifier25.0017.50Wash It
Leather Jacket10.007.00BlingSoul, Blingsoul, Brandslock, ClassicLeather, Decrum, fjackets
Leather Messenger Bag / Journal - Hussain Gurana0.000.00AzureGreen, Cuero Shop, El Cuero, Jaald, jaald
Liquidation $22.001.40Axxess, BANZAI, BLACK+DECKER, Banzi, Bella Gold, Bigjigs Rail, Boon, Boston Harbor, Braun, CHF & You, CRANE Hardware, CamelBak, Coleman Cable, Contour Sheet, DEKOR, DUSICHIN, Duck Covers, Editex Home Textiles, Gazillion, Glad, Hamilton Beach, Hasbro Gaming, Home Axentz, Hydro Flask, Janod, Kaya Collection, KitchenAid, LeapFrog, Lodge, Modetro, Ninja, OXO, Oggi, Oojami, PAC, Poolmaster, Prestige, Rockford Fosgate, Rowenta, Schylling, Snuggle, Sunny Days Entertainment, Supco, TW Lighting, Thermos, USAOPOLY, Word Up, iDesign, neatfreakLiquidation $2
Liquidation $44.002.80BUNN, Bonavita, Breville, Briggs & Stratton, Disney, Epica, Gallery Solutions, Gideon, GoWISE USA, Hamilton Beach, LampLust, Mattel, Melissa & Doug, Paderno World Cuisine, Playhut, RetroSound, Traxxas, Useful., WhitmorLiquidation $4
Liquidation $66.004.20Andis, Instant Pot, La Crosse Technology, OventeLiquidation $6
Media/Software Check5.003.50505 Games, Acronis, Activision, Arrow Video, Bandai, Bandai Namco, Bear Family Germany, Bethesda, Brand: Applause Theatre n Cinema Books, Capitol, ChordBuddy, Columbia Tri Star, Cosmi, Cyberlink, Disney Infinity, Disney Interactive Studios, ESET, Electronic Arts, IDEA FACTORY, Kaspersky, Kino International, Kl Studio Classics, LIONSGATE, MAGIX, MGM, Malwarebytes, McAfee, Microsoft, Mill Creek Ent, Nero, Nintendo, Nuance Dragon, Nuance Power PDF, PC wholesales, Pan Pacific Industry, Rockstar Games, SimuRide, Smith Micro Software, Smith Micro Software Inc., Sony, Southeastern, Square Enix, Symantec, TCFHE, Trend Micro, Ubisoft, Universal Studios UK, WB Games, Warner Bros, Warner ManufacturingDVD and other media disks. We check to ensure media is readable and if license key is visible. This does not include checking if the license is still valid. That is a separate service classified under Depot.
Memory7.004.90Corsair, G.SKILL Sniper, G.Skill, GeIL
Memory - DDR2/3 RAM10.007.00Crucial, G.Skill, Synology
Memory - DDR4 RAM15.0010.50Corsair, G.Skill, GeIL, HyperX
MiNi Wearable Camera12.008.40
Monitor12.008.40AOC, ASUS, Acer, Aegis, BenQ, Dell, GAEMS, HP, LG, SEIKI, Samsung, SmallHD, ViewSonic, Visipax
Mouse5.003.50Acer, Corsair, Generic, Kensington, Logitech, Logitech G, Mad Catz, Microsoft, Razer, SteelSeries
MP3/MP4 Player7.004.90Apple, Fiio, PIONEER, SanDisk, Zune
Multi-Bulbs (2-6)6.004.20Sunthin
Music Instruments - Amplifier10.007.00Behringer, MOD Reverb Tanks
Music Instruments - Mixer20.0014.00Arturia, Peavey, Roland
Music Instruments - Mixers25.0017.50Behringer, Korg, ROLLS, rolls
Music Instruments - Non functional Inspection10.007.00American DJ, Art, Dampp-Chaser, Dean Markley, Etymotic Research, Fender, GHS Strings, Hercules, Hill, JIM DUNLOP, Kickport, Martin, Mic Holders, Music Hall, Oasis, Pirastro, Rhythm Band, Stagg, String Swing, Tama, Tung-Sol, Xvive, YamahaSimple item with few or no moving parts and less than 5 individual components inside the package.
Music Instruments - Non functional Inspection Multi-piece10.007.00Ernie Ball, Hercules, Martin, PirastroSimple item with few or no moving parts and less than 10 individual components inside the package.
Music Instruments - Pedal15.0010.50ART, Way Huge
Music Instruments - TOY Powered5.003.50American DJ, Bontempi, ROCK N ROLL IT!
Music Instruments - TOY Unpowered5.003.50Hercules, Lyons, Rhythm Band
Music Instruments - Tuner4.002.80Korg, Snark, tech21
Nail Files--Powered 10.007.00Medicool
Network Adapter - External7.004.90ASUS, D-Link, FORTINET, Microsemi Corporation, NETGEAR, Planet Technology USA, TP-LINK, Tenda, Ubiquiti Networks, ZyXEL
Network Attached Storage15.0010.50Asustor, D-Link, Drobo, High Point, Lyve, NETGEAR, QNAP, Shuttle, Synology, Western Digital
Network Switch7.004.90Actiontec, Cisco, Cisco Systems, D-Link, HPE Networking BTO, Linksys, NETGEAR, Sonicwall, ZyXEL
Network Switch (24 or more ports)12.008.40Cisco, Cisco Systems, D-Link, HP, Juniper Networks, TP-LINK, Visipax
Network Switch - Managed15.0010.50Cisco, Digi, HP, Juniper Networks, NETGEAR, TP-LINK
Network Switch - POE (managed)20.0014.00Cisco, CyberData, D-Link, HP, Juniper Networks, Microsemi Corporation, NETGEAR, TP-LINK, Ubiquiti NetworksManaged POE switch
Network Switch - POE (unmanaged)12.008.40Cisco Systems, HP, HPE Networking BTOUnmanaged network switch with POE ports
Network Switch - Powerline Ethernet10.007.00Cisco, NETGEARNetwork switch that supports powerline ethernet
Network Video Encoder15.0010.50SamsungDevice which takes video input and makes it available over an IP network.
Network Video Recorder15.0010.50SpecoA network video recorder (NVR) is a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device. An NVR contains no dedicated video capture hardware.
Noise Detector7.004.90
Non functional Inspection Multi-piece8.005.605 Hour Energy, 509, ARAMANTO, ASUS, Activision, Ahead, Amarine-made, Babypeta, Breville, CAW.CAR Accessories, CULOR, Carbon, Cozymat, DJI, DiceKing, DragonBones, Dyson, EOTECH, Eaton, FRIO, Fristaden Graduation, Fristaden Lab, G7th, GUITARGRIP, Gahaya, Gigabyte, Giro, Greens Steel, Grip Studios, Grizzly Coolers, Gunnar Optiks, HEiL sound, HPE, Hewlett Packard, Hiware, IKEA, Jackson, JoanLab, KBRAKES, KIMI, KREG, Kala, KitchenAid, Korg, Kun, LEGO, Little Giant Ladder Systems, MIYABI, Mares, Mattel, Microsoft, Mishimoto, Mod Home Collection, NAUTICALMART, Nature's Bakery, Nine Space, Ortofon, Pat Your Pet, Peerless, Philips Kitchen, Philips Sonicare, Pirastro, Raydes, Rds, SCUF GAMING, SEAC, SINGER, Save&Soft, SeaStar, Simple Gourmet, Skwoosh, Sony, Spoontiques, Starbucks, Supermicro, Teleflex, TerraKing, Thomastik, Ubiquiti Networks, VARIDESK, Valeo, Vogmask, Wolford, Wüsthof, YAMAHA, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels, Ztl, clubwearguru, gatsbylady london, i-CON by ASD Simple item with few or no moving parts and less than 10 individual components inside the package.
OFFICE - Dictionary Spanish-English7.004.90Office Supply StoreSpanish-English
Office Phone10.007.00AT&T, Avaya, Panasonic, Polycom, Revolabs, TMC, TeleDynamics
Other Printer10.007.00Fujifilm, HID FARGO, HP, MotivationUSA, Oki Data, Panasonic, Pantum
Other Printers - INK3.002.10HPINK For printers.
Outdoor Laser Light 5.003.50BlissLights
Over the Door Organizer 3.002.10
PC Components - Proprietary2.001.40IntelThese are internal PC or server addons which use a proprietary connector. We cannot test the functionality of these items. Condition grading is only based on whether or not the correct item was received and the condition of the packaging (generally these
Personal Receiver12.008.40Williams Sound
Pest Control-Powered5.003.50Hoont
Pet Bed2.001.40Kivikis, Vet My Pet, cruel
Pet Locator7.004.90
Pet Locator7.004.90
Phone - Cordless0.000.00Panasonic
Phone recorder controller5.003.50
Photo Printer15.0010.50VUPOINT
Pipette Controllers--Motorized10.007.00HWLAB®, JoanLab
Plate Chiller2.001.40Fristaden Lab
Plug-in & tell3.002.10IronKey
Portable Console15.0010.50NVIDIA, Nintendo, Sony
Portable DVD Player10.007.00Generic, PHILIPS, Philips
Portable Power Bank7.004.90APC, Dell, Poweradd, Qi-Infinity, RenGard, mophie
Power Adapter5.003.50APC, DEW, DLI, Lenovo, VeriFone, WhistlerAn AC adapter, AC/DC adapter, or AC/DC converter is a type of external power supply, often enclosed in a case similar to an AC plug.
Power Amp10.007.00ART, Behringer, Crown, Peavey, Truetone, Voodoo Lab
Power Doll4.002.80Fisher-Price
Power Supply5.003.50APC, Antec, Cisco, Corsair, EVGA, Getac, Seasonic, T-Rex FUELTANK-JUNIOR Electric Guitar Electronics, TRENDnet, Ultra, Ultra Products, Voodoo Lab
Power Tool Kit15.0010.50DEWALT, HALOFUN, Milwaukee
Powered Toy7.004.90Caterpillar, Furby, Laser X, Sesame Street, alilo
Printer - Dot Matrix12.008.40Canon, Epson, HP, OKIDot matrix and other impact printers
Projector10.007.003M, ASUS, Acer, BenQ, Benq, Celluon, Dashbon, Dell, Epson, Generic, InFocus, NEC, NUOYUO, OEM, Pioneer, Proxelle, Visipax, Vivitek
Projector - Accessories0.000.00Fristaden Lab, P PREMIUM POWER PRODUCTS
PS 4 Camera7.004.90Sony
Racing Wheel10.007.00ThrustMaster, Thustmaster
Radio Scanner7.004.90President, RadioShack
Radio Scanner - w/i transmitter8.005.60CobraRadio scanners , CB\\\'s, HAM radios, and other RF gear with ability to transmit.
Rangefinder7.004.90Bushnell, Simmons, Wewdigi
RC Robot10.007.00Generic, Sphero
Regular TV - 20/3020.0014.00LG, Samsung, Seiki, Sunbrite, VIZIO
Regular TV - 40/5025.0017.50Axess, LG, Sony, VIZIO
Regular TV - 60/7030.0021.00
Regular TV - 70/8035.0024.50LG, Samsung
Remote - Apple TV10.007.00Remote for Apple TV products.
Remote System20.0014.00Logitech, Niles
Respiratory Exerciser5.003.50Newnik
Robotic Vacuum25.0017.50iRobot
Router10.007.00ARRIS, ASUS, Apple, Cisco, D-Link, HP, Linksys, NETGEAR, Peplink, Sonicwall, TP-LINK, TRENDnet, Ubiquiti Networks, Western Digital, ZyXEL
Router - Antenna4.002.80TRENDnet
Router - Integrated Services15.0010.50Cisco SystemsIntegrated Services Router. For units with DSL, fiber, or coax test may not cover actual internet connectivity.
Router - Small Business20.0014.00Cisco, EnGenius
Salt Lamp5.003.50
Scanner10.007.00Canon, Card Scanning Solutions, DATACARD GROUP, DATALOGIC SCANNING, DYMO, Doxie, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, Kodak, Motorola, Motorola Solutions, OEM, Samsung, ZEBRA
Server - Rack35.0024.50Desktop-like PC with server components. Usually no installed OS.
Server - Tower25.0017.50HPDesktop-like PC with server components. Usually no installed OS.
Server - Workstation25.0017.50SangomaDesktop-like PC with server components. Usually no installed OS.
SFP Transceiver25.0017.50HP, QNAP
Shoes2.001.40Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rongee, Rongee Rongee, SLPR, SeaVees, gatsbylady london
Shower Head5.003.50AquaDance, Kes
Signal Converter10.007.00ART, Audient, Music Hall, Musical Fidelity, Rolls, VIDBOX
Simple Toy4.002.80Hasbro Gaming
Slip-Ons2.001.40RJ's Fuzzies
Slow Cooker20.0014.00BLACK+DECKER, Tiger Corporation, West Bend
Small Pastry Mold7.004.90KitchenAid
Smart Hub12.008.40Samsung
Smart Lock12.008.40August
Smart Phone10.007.00Apple, BLU, BlackBerry, Generic, HTC, HUAWEI, LG, Lenovo X3 Lite (Black), Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Nomu, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Unknown, ZTE
Smart TV - 20/3025.0017.50RCA, Samsung, VIZIO
Smart TV - 40/5035.0024.50Hisense, LG, SHARP, Samsung, VIZIO
Smart TV - 60/7045.0031.50Samsung, Sharp, VIZIO
Smart TV - 80/9055.0038.50
Smart Watch10.007.00Apple, Garmin, Generic, HUAWEI, Kurio, LG, Mares, Motorola, Pebble, Pebble Technology Corp, SUUNTO, Samsung, Sony
Solar Motion Light5.003.50FreeLight
Space Heater10.007.00Comfort Glow, Lasko, Smart for Life
Speaker7.004.90AOMAIS, Adam Audio, Audioengine, Avantone, Avantone Pro, BOOM, Beats, Behringer, Birstin, ECOXGEAR, Energy, Frewico, Fugoo, Global Teck Worldwide, Harman Kardon, HeroFiber, Insignia, Invoxia, Ion, JBL, JBL Professional, JLAB, Jawbone, KICKER, KRK, Klipsch, Korus Audio, Lenovo Americas, Liger, Marshall, Parrot, Phoenix Audio, Sanus, Serene Innovations, TRAKK, Thonet and Vander, Ultimate Ears, Wren Sound, Yamaha Audio, ZVOX
Speaker + Sound Bar10.007.00Samsung
Speaker - Amplified Subwoofer15.0010.50Kicker, Logitech
Speakers - Battery Powered8.005.60Alphasonik, Beats, Braven, JBL, Jabra, Samsung, SoundSOUL, TRAKK
Speakers - In-wall12.008.40Klipsch, Polk AudioSpeakers which are meant to be installed in ceiling or walls
Sport Watch0.000.00Garmin, SUUNTO
Stage Laser Light7.004.90ADJ Products
Stand - Speaker 5.003.50IsoAcoustics
Steam Mop20.0014.00Hoover, Vapamore, ZVac
Stethoscope5.003.503M Littmann
Streaming Media Controller7.004.90
Surveillance DVR Kit15.0010.50Hikvision, LaView, Techage
Switch-Managed15.0010.50Cisco, D-Link, HP, NETGEAR, Ubiquiti Networks, ZyXEL
Synthesizer & WS-Pocket10.007.00Korg, Teenage Engineering
Tablet/Pad15.0010.50ASUS, Acer, Apple, Asus, Barnes & Noble, BlackBerry, Dell, Fuhu, HP, HUAWEI, Hisense, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, MS, Microsoft, NABI, NUVISION, NVIDIA, Nabi, Samsung, Toshiba, Unknown
TEA - Infuser4.002.80Tea Forte
Telescope Controller10.007.00Celestron
Telescope GPS10.007.00Celestron
Thickness Gauge7.004.90Fristaden Lab
Toy RC Vehicle10.007.00Carrera, Liberty Imports
Trap Device4.002.80Hoont
Triple Beam Balance7.004.90Fristaden Lab
TV Add-on10.007.00Beelink, Bethlehem Lighting, Bplectronic, DIAOTEC, Diaotec, Hauppauge, Intellian, Jesurun, MINIX, MXQ, OHITEC, PROBOX2, R-BOX, RKM, Roku, SEGA, SUNATORIA, Sennheiser, Serene Innovations, Sling Media, TrimDish, Tronsmart
TV Box - Windows 1015.0010.50TronsmartTV Box with Windows operating system.
TV Capture Card10.007.00Corsair
Ukulele5.003.50Cordoba Guitars, Diamond Head, Gretsch, Kala, Luna Guitars, Mahalo Ukuleles, Makala
Ukulele Set10.007.00Alfred Music Publishing, WILLTOPCome with other components
UPS - Rack Mountable15.0010.50APCUninterrupted Power Supply, rack mount versions
USB - Cable4.002.80D.M LIFE
USB Audio Interface12.008.40Audient, Blue, Lexicon
USB Video Interface12.008.40Elgato
Vehicle GPS12.008.40Garmin
Video Modulator10.007.00Lenovo, Linear
Virtual Reality - HeadSet and Controllers25.0017.50Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony
Vocal Effects Processor15.0010.50TC-Helicon
VR Lens7.004.90
VR Lens Set15.0010.50DJI, Dell, Sony
Wall Clock - L5.003.50Reliable-E
Wall Clock - S3.002.10Reliable-E
Water Boiler15.0010.50Zojirushi
Webcam7.004.90AVer Information Inc., Logitech, Microsoft, Razer, Sensormatic
Wifi AP Business Grade Kit50.0035.00Cisco, Ubiquiti NetworksKit containing a wifi access point controller and one or more APs
WiFi Extender10.007.00ARRIS, Amped Wireless, D-Link, Linksys, NETGEAR, TP-LINK, TRENDnet, ZyXEL
WiFi Extender w/ display9.006.30Amped Wireless
Wired Controller5.003.50Bensussen Deutsch & Associates
Wireless Access Point10.007.00Apple, Cisco, Cisco Systems, InFocus, MikroTik, NETGEAR, Sonicwall, TP-LINK, Ubiquiti Networks
Wireless Access Point - Business Grade15.0010.50 Ruckus, Cisco, Cisco Systems, EnGenius, Ubiquiti
Wireless Headset7.004.90ASTRO Gaming, Audio-Technica, B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen, BRAINWAVZ, Beats, Blayz, Bluedio, Corsair, Galaxy, JBL, Jabra, JayBird, Jaybird, LG, Logitech G, Motorola, Outdoor Technology, PDP, Philips, Plantronics, SOL REPUBLIC, Samsung, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Sony, Treblab, Turtle Beach, Yurbuds (CE)
Wireless headset - For Business VOIP Phone15.0010.50PlantronicsHigh-end headsets of the type commonly used with Polycom and Cisco VOIP phones.
Wireless Microphone System20.0014.00Galaxy
Women's Top2.001.40clubwearguru
Wrist Watch7.004.90HUAWEI, Michael Kors, Nomad, Omer, Pulsar, St. Moritz, TW Steel, Timex, VibraLITE, Wenger
Zakhar Ivanisov - SLPR $40.000.00Rongee Rongee, SLPR, Soul & Lane, jaald


Component Registration

What is component registration?

In order to provide top-notch service we need some information about the components each of your products are supposed to include and which components are compatible with which products.

We will ask you to complete a form which includes information about each of your components, including which of your products it can be used with.

We then clarify this information to make sure we understand, and upon your confirmation we will import this information into our system. Once we have done this our service technicians will be able to clearly understand your product component requirements while servicing your items, guaranteeing accurate service.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing for component registration is based on item - component pairings. We bill by the pairing.

For example, if you register a battery which works with 4 different products we consider that 4 registrations.

Abandoned Merchandise

We consider merchandise at our warehouse abandoned if it seems like the customer has no intention of ever having it shipped out or we've been unable to contact the customer for 90 days or more.

When we determine merchandise is abandoned we make a final effort to contact the customer, and if we do not receive a response within 10 business days we assume ownership of the merchandise and either dispose of it or liquidate it to recover any unpaid balance the customer has with us.